MPVI2+ or MPVI3 Drivers Windows 7 & 8

Modified on Thu, 26 Oct 2023 at 08:50 AM

Windows 7/8 has been posing a challenge installing the drivers for the MPVI2+. Drivers have been developed specifically for the MPVI2+ in Windows 7/8.  Drivers are installed manually, similar to the MPVI1 (process laid out in MPVI2+ Windows 7 Driver Installation.docx).

MPVI2+ Windows 7 Driver Installation.docx



In addition to the driver installation, there are power settings that need to be altered.  Failing to update these can result in intermittent power loss to the USB port. If the settings are not successfully changed it will present in the following ways:

-During a read/write it will be going along as normal and randomly the read with stop progressing and the time to completion will skyrocket ultimately ending in a time out error. 

-In scanner, all data will simply stop recording at a random time.


Changing the power settings is not 100% foolproof, the errors outlined above can still occur (more often in Windows 7 than Windows 8). Confirm step 2C (advanced power settings) has taken affect.  We have seen this setting revert itself even after it is applied.  Setting has not reverted after applying a second time.  Customer needs to restart PC in order for the power settings to take affect. Always suggest customer take a long data log and read vehicle to ensure this issue does not pop up to ensure communication is not lost while writing.


We do not have a fix for this issue in this case aside from suggesting upgrading to Windows 10/11.

MPVI2+Windows power.docx


Windows Power settings
1. Update MPVI2+ firmware and VCM suite to the latest version.
    a. VCM Editor to 4.11.389 beta or later
    b. Main MPVI2+ firmware to 5.0.16 or later
2. Change Power Management plan to “High Performance”.
    a. Move the mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the screen, right-click, and
        select Power Options.

Windows 8 requires a signature requirement to be disabled in order to be installed.


Error seen when signature requirement is still active:



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