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No vehicle power detected
Unable to Locate VCM
Trouble with USB to Serial Adapter


Definition failed to load. You will be unable to edit this file
Unable to Open File. File Failed Validation Check


The data you just read isn't from your vehicle
The software in your control module is outdated and can not be used


Unlicensed Vehicle
VCM Read Failed
Flash checksum validation failed
VCM Write Failed
File OS ID does not match VCM OS ID
File hardware does not match VCM hardware
Security Codes Denied
Request High Speed Mode (All Nodes) Timed Out
x7F Negative Response Code
x11- Controller Unlocker "Service not Supported" (FORD ONLY)
Boot Loader Error
Controller Unlocker Web Exception, Name Resolution Failure
Data Integrity Check Failed
Error Message: Detect Protocol Failed


Drivers Did Not Install Properly
Favorites Window Freezes
Web Exception, Not Success


Connecting a Battery to Your MPVI Pro Interface for Troubleshooting
MPVI Plugged into OBD-II port, but not a PC and Power Light does not illuminate
MPVI Plugged into PC's usb port, but not vehicle's OBD-II port and Power Light does not illuminate
MPVI Plugged into PC usb port or OBD-II Port and Both Power & Error Lights illuminate
Invalid Application Key When Using Correct And Most Recent Key
Commit Failed
Invalid Cable ID


MPVI2 Resync Failed: 401 Unauthorized

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