MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging

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The standalone data logging feature of the MPVI Pro is available for late model GM vehicles only.


Follow the steps below to set up the standalone datalogging feature for the first time on a new vehicle or when switching from another vehicle:

1.Put the vehicle's ignition in the ON/RUN state
2.Connect the MPVI Pro to your vehicle's OBD-II port and to your laptop's USB port.
3.Open VCM Scanner.
4.Click the  icon in the toolbar.
5.Ensure that channels that you wish to log are listed in the Channel display (add or delete channels as necessary).
6.(Optional) Click  to save your channel configuration for later use.
7.In the menu bar select Vehicle > MPVI Pro Data Logging. The MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging Functions window appears.

8.Click Write Config. This will write your current channel configuration to the MPVI Pro.

NOTE: This will erase any current logs you have saved in the unit.

9.Disconnect the MPVI Pro's USB cable from your laptop.


The interface can store up to 32 individual logs if they are small, or about 80 minutes of data. However, the actual limits vary depending on the vehicle you are connected to and the number of bytes per frame you are recording.

1.Start the vehicle (if not already running).
2.To start recording, press and hold the Record button on the MPVI Pro for 2 seconds.
3.When you are finished, press and hold the Stop button for 2 seconds to stop recording.

CAUTION: Always use the stop button to halt the logging process. Powering down the unit while it is recording or while the Busy LED is lit during a stop request will cause the current log to become corrupted.


To insert a marker while recording, press the Record button for 1 second. The Busy light will blink, indicating a marker has been inserted into the recorded data.

After a marker has been added, there is a 2 second delay before you can add another marker.


All button sequences take 1 second to validate.
The Record light will blink when you have used 90% of the memory, or have about 6 minutes of space for data left on the interface.
The ERR light will flash after a record request if the interface could not establish communications with the vehicle. The configuration setup is vehicle specific and may require you to program a new configuration for the vehicle you are logging.
The ERR light will light solid if a configuration is not programmed, the interface is full, or a corrupt log location has been found.


Click the Get Info button in the MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging Functions window to display the following information:

VIN and operating system ID of vehicle most recently logged.
The percentage of log data mem used.
Logs on the device will be listed in the left column.


1.Connect your MPVI Pro to your computer.
2.Select Vehicle > MPVI Pro Data Logging. The MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging Functions window appears.
3.If you want to retrieve all logs from the device:
Click Read All Logs.

If you want to retrieve a particular log:

a.Click Get Info to retrieve the list of logs on the device.
a.In the left column, select the log you want to retrieve.
b.Click Read Selected.

NOTE: Retrieving logs will not erase them from the device.


To erase all logs currently stored in the interface, hold the Record and Stop buttons for 2 seconds. The Busy LED will blink until all logs are erased.

This can also be done in VCM Scanner:

1.With your MPVI Pro connected to your computer, select Vehicle > MPVI Pro Data Logging. The MPVI Pro Standalone Data Logging Functions window appears.
2.Click the Erase Logs button.

NOTE: Neither method will erase your channel config from the device.

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