Scanning Procedure

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To do a live scan of the vehicle with the current configuration:

1.Connect your HP Tuners interface device to your laptop and then connect the interface to the OBD-II port on your vehicle. See Connecting to a Vehicle for details.
2.If VCM Editor is open, close it now.
3.Open VCM Scanner.
4.Turn the vehicle ignition to a position other than OFF. (The engine can be running or stopped. But, the vehicle must supply power to the OBD-II port.)
5.Click the  icon in the toolbar to open a data connection to the vehicle.
6.When VCM Scanner has finished connecting, click  to start scanning.
7.(VCM Suite version 4.13 or later) While scanning, you can insert a marker at the current time index:
Press M on your keyboard to insert a marker without a comment.
Press C to insert a marker and add a comment.

When playing back a log file, markers appear as green bars in the timeline. Longer key presses will generate wider bars. See The Timeline.

NOTE: Although comments are saved in the log file, version 4.13 can't display them yet. Look for this feature to be added in a future release.

8.To stop scanning, click .
9.If you want to save this scan data to a log file, click .

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