How are Vehicles Licensed in VCM Editor?

Modified on Thu, 26 Oct 2023 at 08:54 AM

Single vcm licenses locks to mixture of values in the PCM's/TCM's/FICM's/FSCM's/CCM. What this means to you is that if you swap the module, change the vin number of the vehicle or the operating system id number you may need to license the new combination, no exceptions. Additionally GM's that have an invalid vin/os pair or corrupt vcm id number will be allowed to license the vcm however it, too, is based on specific values in the PCM similar to Ford & Dodge.
You will need to hold a license for the Vehicle as well as the tune you are writing to the vehicle. 

Why would I need to relicense my vehicle?

If you change the VIN, the OS on the controller or swap the controller, you will have to license the new combination of information that is created. If you brought your vehicle to a dealer and had it flashed to stock there is a chance they would update to a different operating system. Additionally if you are using a handheld programmer to switch back & forth between tunes this could also change the operating system id.

What about licensing files from the repository?

Licensing files from the repository is illadvised. Those files were uploaded by other customers and should only be used as reference, you should NEVER license them or load them into your ecm. Doing so you will use multiple credits(that cannot be refunded nor can the licenses be reversed) and in many instances customers have fried their ecm's in doing so by flashing incompatible files to their ecm. We also reference this in the licensing screen in our software.

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