User Defined Parameters

Modified on Thu, 26 Oct 2023 at 08:56 AM

User Defined Parameters is an optional feature of VCM Editor that can be purchased on the HP Tuners website.

If you have information on parameters (switches, scalars, and/or tables) that have not yet been defined in VCM Editor, this feature makes it possible to add them yourself and edit them in VCM Editor immediately.

NOTE: Parameters added must be supported by the operating system on the controller being tuned. You are simply telling VCM Editor about parameters that it does not have any information on yet. Adding a parameter that is NOT supported by the controller's operating system will have no effect because the controller won't use it.

When using this feature, parameters must be defined in TunerPro, which can be downloaded at:

A summary of the procedure for adding user defined parameters can be found below. See the User Defined Parameter Guide for full instructions.


Once you have purchased the User Defined Parameters feature, new parameters can be defined by doing the following:

1. Use TunerPro to define the parameters to be added.
2. In VCM Editor, open the .HPT file to which you want to add parameters.
3. In the menu bar, select Edit > User Defined Parameters.


4. Click folder_open_icon.png.
5. Select the TunerPro (.XDF) file that contains the parameters you wish to import.
6. Click Open. Your parameters will be imported into VCM Editor.


If you would like parameters added to VCM Editor permanently, email HP Tuners support to request that they be added.

NOTE: Not all controllers supported by VCM Suite support User Defined Parameters. Please start a support ticket for more information.

What are the "Allowed Addresses" in the User Defined Parameters window?

The allowed addresses are address ranges that you are allowed to define parameters in. If you try to define a parameter outside these ranges, they will not import and you will not be allowed to edit them.


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