TrackAddict Quick Start Guide - Road Course

Modified on Thu, 26 Oct 2023 at 08:54 AM

The following quick start information can be used for road course tracks.

First Time App Setup

1. Download TrackAddict from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.
2. Open the app. Allow any GPS / location or other permissions that are requested. If you have an external GPS or OBD-II device to set up, you can tap on the gear icon near the top left to view those and other options.

Track Selection & Setup

1. On the main Setup screen, ensure that it is on Circuit mode (swipe left or right to change modes), and then tap on Select Track.
2. If you already have the track in your list, you can tap on it to select it.
3. If you need to add the track, follow these steps:
a. Tap on Add New Track.
b. Select the track from the list.
c. Answer Yes to use the default start/finish coordinates, and Yes again to use the default sector split points.
4. Return to the main Setup screen, and the track name should be displayed on the line below the "Circuit" text.

Recording a Session

1. Securely mount the phone to your vehicle, in a location where it will have a line-of-sight view to a large area of the sky. A sturdy windshield mount is often a good choice. This is critical for GPS reception and can have a large effect on the quality and accuracy of your data and lap/sector timing.
2. Tap on the Camera icon to preview and set up your video recording options (or to turn video off), and any data channels to display while driving.
3. When you're almost ready to drive, tap on the round red Record button in the center of the tab bar, and the screen will change to show current status and/or instructions. The button will also flash red while recording. When in Circuit mode, it will wait to start until you reach 10 MPH, to avoid wasting space recording when sitting in the grid. You can also tap to start it manually.
4. When you're done driving, tap on the Tap here to stop text, or on any of the other tab bar icons. You can view your session by tapping on the Sessions folder icon.

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