License Window Information

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The License Information window lists your current licenses and includes a summary of how many upgrade credits you have available.

To access the License Information window, select Help > License Information in the menu bar.


This tab lists each vehicle license that you have paid for and how many credits you paid for each of these licenses.

In the example above, the user has licensed 2 specific controllers: 1 Engine Control Module and 1 Transmission Control Module. In this case, both controllers reside in the same vehicle.


If you have purchased one more unlimited Year/Model licenses, vehicles that you have been able to flash for free because you have this type of license will be listed here.

There are two types of licenses that are listed here:

Specific Vehicle. These are individual vehicle licenses that were covered by an unlimited Year/Model license you had already purchased.
Vehicle Type. These are year/model licenses that you received because the vehicles covered are essentially the same vehicle type as an unlimited license you had already purchased.


The License Upgrade paths tab displays the number of upgrade credits you have earned and how many additional credits you would need to purchase each upgrade.

In the example above, each row represents a vehicle model year that the user has earned upgrade credits for by purchasing single vehicle licenses:

The Upgrade Credits column shows the number of upgrade credits earned toward the corresponding Year/Model license.
The Credits Required column shows the number of additional credits that would be needed to upgrade to the unlimited license for the corresponding Year/Model.
The Description column shows the Year/Model upgrade that these credits apply to.

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