Viewing Tune Details

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The Tune Details window contains key information about the vehicle being tuned and its controllers.

To open this window, do one of the following:

In the menu bar, select Edit > Calibration Details.
In the toolbar, select the  icon.


The tune overview tab contains general information about the tune file being edited, including:

The date and time of the file's creation. This typically indicates when the file was read from the vehicle. However, if you built this file using the Stock File Provider on the Tuner Tools website, this will reflect the date the file was built.
The VIN and model description of the vehicle from which this file was read.


You can add your own notes to the tune file by typing them in the Notes box.


Click the  icon to copy the text from both tabs in this window to the clipboard. This is useful if you need to paste any of this data (VIN, controller serial numbers, etc.) elsewhere.


For each ECM, TCM, or PCM in the tune file, this tab will display a box that shows the controller name, serial number, and operating system ID.


Some GM ECMs have a security key which can be used to lock access to the controller. This type of security is called "Tuner Lock". See Tuner Lock for more information.


If the vehicle has a supported controller that is not in the current tune file, you can add the controller to the file in this window. For example, you might need to do this if you chose not to include this controller in the initial read of the vehicle.

1.Click the Add Controller button.
2.Select a tune file that includes the controller to be added.


In some cases, a controller can be removed from the tune file. You might do this for reasons such as:

If your file contains a TCM, but you do not wish to make any modifications to the TCM configuration, you might want to remove the TCM from the file so that you don't have to license it.
If you replace a TCM with a completely different model, you can remove the old TCM here and then add the new one.

If a controller can be removed, the text <Double Click to Remove> appears in the controller information. Double-clicking this box will force you to save the tune to a new file and reopen. The new file will not contain the removed controller.

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