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TrackAddict is presently mostly limited to the subset of SAE standardized OBD-II parameters (known as "Mode 01") that the vehicle's manufacturer has chosen to provide. This commonly includes RPM, speed, throttle position, fuel trims, intake pressure and/or flow, and various temperature readings. Unfortunately, there is no brake, tire / wheel, steering wheel, gear number, engine knock, etc. data defined by SAE, so we would not be able to obtain that data in this way.

In the future, we do expect to expand the capability of our apps to include various enhanced data like you can find in our VCM Scanner software for Windows, which could offer access to some of these more interesting pieces of data. Being that this enhanced data has to be developed on a per-manufacturer, and usually per-model, basis, the vehicles that will have this support will be somewhat limited and should generally follow the list of supported vehicles for tuning via our VCM Suite software.

The MPVI2 Pro Feature Set enables access to our Pro Link connector for wiring up one or two 5V inputs (such as aftermarket widebands or knock sensors) for use with our VCM Scanner software. We are also still expanding on these offerings and will likely add additional scanning and tuning capabilities later this year, some of which could be exclusive to the Pro Feature Set.
If the app is not picking up all of your laps, has very laggy or incorrect speeds, and/or shows the map plot going off course, then that's almost certainly a GPS reception issue. Many reception issues can appear ok when stopped or moving slowly, and may only become evident when the vehicle is driven at track speeds, so it's best to optimize reception as much as possible from the start.

The first step is to try to improve what you already have... Although the phone's internal GPS can be a bit difficult at times or in certain situations, many users are able to get some usable data and lap timing with this by optimizing the phone's placement in the vehicle so that it has a large clear line-of-sight to the sky, while minimizing any metal or electrical interference sources near it. Usually, a good sturdy windshield mount works well for this. If the phone has a metal roof above it, or is near a roll cage, that often add some reception difficulty.

With some phones, vehicles, track locations, or atmospheric conditions, this may not always be enough... In that case, and for committed users in general, we recommend using a compatible external GPS device, such as an XGPS160 (iOS and Android) or a Qstarz BT-Q818XT (Android only), ensuring that it is paired to your phone and that the app is set to use it (see the GPS mode under the Options screen), then securely placing it where it will have optimal reception. These often perform much better under difficult reception conditions, and can provide more accurate data and a higher sampling rate as well.
First check the following:

1) The MPVI2 will need to have first been activated by connecting it to your computer via its USB cable and syncing it via VCM Editor or VCM Scanner (Help menu -> Resync Interface). This may apply a firmware update, and you should resync it once again if any firmware update is applied.

2) The MPVI2 should be plugged into the vehicle and its engine should be running. It may work if the ignition is on, without the engine running, but please note that some vehicles will power down after a couple minutes without the engine running.

3) Open TrackAddict to its main Setup screen (wrench/gear icon on left of navigation bar), then tap on the 'i' gear icon on the left side to go to the Options screen. The "OBD" selection should be set to "Bluetooth" and the button below it should say "OBD Device: HP Tuners MPVI2". If it doesn't, tap on "Setup HP Tuners MPVI2" and follow those steps for the pairing and setup process.

4) Your MPVI2's bluetooth name should be "HP Tuners MPVI2". If it is showing up as "WT12A" or similar, that wont be recognized for TrackAddict and it will need a firmware update, which is available when resync'ing it via VCM Editor or VCM Scanner programs (Help menu -> Resync Interface).

5) You should be using the Android version of TrackAddict. Unfortunately, iOS is not currently supported due to Bluetooth restrictions on that platform, but we are working on options to support iOS in the future...

Once you have the MPVI2 paired to your device and TrackAddict is set to use it, you should see an OBD status bar at the bottom of the main Setup screen and some others. This will initially be flashing red, but will become yellow upon attempting an MPVI2 and vehicle connection.

The yellow status is where most connection failures tend to occur, and there are several options to get more information on this:

A) Tapping on the OBD status bar will show its current status (unless you are currently recording), and may include troubleshooting tips, depending on the situation.

B) Going to the "Data Channels & Codes" screen will show its live status as it attempts to connect. If it fails, you should typically first see it say "Connecting to Interface" or "Connecting to Vehicle" before it fails and returns to a red colored status. Knowing which one of these statuses it failed on can shed some light on what's going wrong.
i) If it fails connecting to the interface, then it's likely a communications or device error.
ii) If it fails when connecting to the vehicle, then that could happen if there's an issue communicating with this specific vehicle or OBD protocol, if the ignition/engine is turned off, if the OBD port isn't working, or if the MPVI2 isn't activated and needs to be sync'ed with VCM Editor or Scanner.

C) Immediately after it attempts to connect and then fails (ie got to yellow status, but then returned to red), you can obtain some diagnostic info from the last connection or attempt by tapping on the 'i' gear icon to open the Options screen, then tap the same 'i' gear icon under the OBD section, and select "Show Connection Info". One or two dialog boxes will pop up, and if you can send us screenshots of those, they could provide some clues as to what's happening.
Quick Start Guide for use at Road Course Tracks

First Time App Setup:
1) Download TrackAddict from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.
2) Open the app. Allow any GPS / location or other permissions that are requested. If you have an external GPS or OBD-II device to setup, you can tap on the gear icon near the top left to view those and other options.

Track Selection & Setup:
1) On the main Setup screen, ensure that it is on Circuit mode (swipe left or right to change modes), and then tap on Select Track.
2) If you already have the track in your list, you can tap on it to select it.
3) If you need to add the track, tap on Add New Track, select the track from the list, answer Yes to use the default start/finish coordinates, and Yes again to use the default sector split points.
4) Return to the main Setup screen, and the track name should be displayed on the line below the "Circuit" text.

Record a Session:
1) Securely mount the phone to your vehicle, in a location where it will have a line-of-sight view to a large area of the sky. A sturdy windshield mount is often a good choice. This is critical for GPS reception, and can have a large effect on the quality and accuracy of your data and lap/sector timing.
2) Tap on the Camera icon to preview and setup your video recording options (or to turn video off), and any data channels to display while driving.
3) When you're almost ready to drive, tap on the round red Record button in the center of the tab bar, and the screen will change to show current status and/or instructions. The button will also flash red while recording. When in Circuit mode, it will wait to start until you reach 10 MPH, to avoid wasting space recording when sitting in grid. You can also tap to start it manually.
4) When you're done driving, tap on the "Tap here to stop" text, or on any of the other tab bar icons. You can view your session by tapping on the Sessions folder icon.
TrackAddict, by HP Tuners, transforms your iPhone, iPad, or Android device into a motor sports telemetry and video system. See your lap times instantly, capture video and telemetry data, compare circuit laps side-by-side, impress your friends with video+data overlays, and more! Quick and easy setup.

  • Road Course, Autocross, Rally, Drift, 4x4, and Drag Racing
  • Race Timing + Data Logging + Analysis + Video
  • Works Almost Anywhere! 900+ Recognized Tracks, or Add Your Own

  • GPS Lap Timer & Display with Predictive Timing (Circuit mode)
  • Sector Split Timing & Theoretical Lap Time (Circuit mode)
  • High-Definition Video Recording & Multiple Video+Data Overlay Options
  • Lap, GPS, G-Force, and OBD-II Datalogging
  • Driving Line Analysis, Statistics, Data Graphs, and Run / Lap Comparison
  • Optional Live Telemetry Streaming via (requires upgrade)
  • Also Supports External GPS and OBD-II Devices
  • OBD-II Live Monitor, Code Scanning / Reset, and Datalogging
  • Easily Exports Data and Video to RaceRender

Please use these links:

TrackAddict User Guide

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