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Crank Relearn
To perform a Crank Relearn please follow these directions carefully:
  1. Ensure the engine is at normal operating temperature (ECT > ~65C).
  2. Put the vehicle into park (auto) or neutral (manual).
  3. Turn off all accessories and A/C.
  4. Turn the vehicle off.
  5. Apply the parking brake.
  6. Press the brake pedal. Keep the brake pedal depressed during the entire procedure. REQUIRED for successful test completion
  7. Start the vehicle and let it idle.
  8. Press Begin.
  9. Gradually rev the vehicle to fuel cutoff (around 4000-5000 RPM's) over a period of about 4 seconds. When fuel cuts out, immediately release the throttle.
  10. Allow the engine to come back to an idle.
  11. Turn the ignition off for at least 15 seconds. This step is required for the VCM to store the newly learned configuration.
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