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TrackAddict Enhanced OBD-II Data
TrackAddict is presently mostly limited to the subset of SAE standardized OBD-II parameters (known as "Mode 01") that the vehicle's manufacturer has chosen to provide. This commonly includes RPM, speed, throttle position, fuel trims, intake pressure and/or flow, and various temperature readings. Unfortunately, there is no brake, tire / wheel, steering wheel, gear number, engine knock, etc. data defined by SAE, so we would not be able to obtain that data in this way.

In the future, we do expect to expand the capability of our apps to include various enhanced data like you can find in our VCM Scanner software for Windows, which could offer access to some of these more interesting pieces of data. Being that this enhanced data has to be developed on a per-manufacturer, and usually per-model, basis, the vehicles that will have this support will be somewhat limited and should generally follow the list of supported vehicles for tuning via our VCM Suite software.

The MPVI2 Pro Feature Set enables access to our Pro Link connector for wiring up one or two 5V inputs (such as aftermarket widebands or knock sensors) for use with our VCM Scanner software. We are also still expanding on these offerings and will likely add additional scanning and tuning capabilities later this year, some of which could be exclusive to the Pro Feature Set.
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