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Pro Link Instructions and Information

The Pro Feature Set and Pro Link give you the ability to log analog and CAN based signals through your MPVI2 interface. The two scenarios you will encounter when using your Pro Link will be measuring voltage and receiving CAN messages.

Measuring Voltage*
1) Connect wire Analog 1 or Analog 2 to sensor output
2) Connect the GND wire to sensor GND.
3) Open the latest version of VCM Scanner and add the PID.
4) In VCM Scanner go to External Inputs > MPVI2 > Pro Link
5) You will then be able to add the PID “MPVI2 SP A/D Input 1” or “MPVI2 SP A/D Input 2.”

Voltage notes
- Measure 0 – 5V
- Measure two separate voltages
- 100 Hz sampling rate
- CAN input 500kpbs support only


• Black – GND
• Red – Analog 1
• Blue – Analog 2
• Orange – CAN High
• Yellow – CAN Low
Receiving CAN messages

Receiving CAN messages
To receive CAN messages all you need to do is connect the two CAN buses, and you will receive messages through the scanner.
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