Using the Master/Slave system, you can create a tune file for someone else and all they will be able to do is open the file and write it to the vehicle (no viewing/editing).
If the tuner is using an MPVI both interfaces will have to license the vehicle.
If the tuner is using an MPVI2 and version 4.xx software, only the interface writing the tune to the vehicle will have to license the vehicle.

Under "Tune Details" -> "Remote Tuning" you will find the ability assign Master and Slave interfaces to files for Remote Tuning. 

Using the form in the image above, you can limit the access to a file by setting the Master Tuner ID and Slave Interface IDs. 

Master Tuner ID: Your Tuner ID. Any VCM Editor that has an application key loaded that corresponds to that Tuner ID will be able to open, view, edit, save, and flash that file (Full Access to the file). 
Slave Interface IDs: The interface IDs that need to be able to flash the file to the vehicle. In this field, the remote tuner would enter one or multiple MPVI serial numbers (can be found on the back of the interface) and any VCM Editor with an application key loaded that corresponds to any of those serial numbers would be able to open that file for FLASHING ONLY (No viewing/editing)

To use the Master/Slave system:
  • Enter your Master Tuner ID by pressing the "Insert or Change" Button
  • Enter one or multiple Slave Interface IDs by simply typing the MPVI serial numbers from the slave interfaces. (One serial number per line)
    (See Image Below for an Example)

To clear the Master/Slave system:
  • Press the "Clear Master/Slave" button. This will clear the Master Tuner ID and all of the Slave Interface IDs.

In the image above, the MPVI corresponding to Tuner ID: 0000999999 will have full access to the file. However, the two MPVIs corresponding to the serial numbers: 9898989898 and 9797979797 will only be able to open the file to flash.