Detect Protocol Failed
The Detect Protocol Failed error is generally caused by an issue with a vehicle's battery or wiring. This can also be caused if your MPVI2 requires a re-sync. If you have an MPVI2, first ensure your computer is connected to the internet, Click "Help" and choose "Resync Interface". If you Resync and still have this issue or have an MPVI try the following:

1) Ensure the battery if fully charged before reading or writing to the vehicle
2) Inspect the vehicle's wiring for any issues
3) If there are any aftermarket electronics installed, either uninstall them or remove their fuses.
4) Remove the fuses for any entertainment/infotainment systems in the vehicle

If you try everything above and still have an issue please send us the following:
1) VCM Suite Infolog while connected to the vehicle as shown here
) Debug file from your PC. This is located in ...Documents/ HP Tuners/ Settings
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