How are vehicles licensed in VCM Editor?

       How are vehicles licensed?

Both Ford & Dodge single vcm licenses locks to mixture of values in the pcms, what this means for us is an added layer of security from reusing licenses based on just a vin number. What this means to you is that if you do change the vin number of the vehicle or the operating system id number you may need to license the new combination, no exceptions. Additionally GM's that have an invalid vin/os pair or corrupt vcm id number will be allowed to license the vcm however it, too, is based on specific values in the pcm similar to Ford & Dodge.

Why would I need to relicense my vehicle?

If you brought your vehicle to a Dodge, GM, or Ford dealer and had it flashed to stock there is a chance they would update to a different operating system. Additionally if you are using a handheld programmer to switch back & forth between tunes this could also change the operating system id.
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